How Health Plans are Addressing Historic Barriers to Member Engagement

Watch this video to gain insight as to how health plans have been trying to understand, predict and manage the experience of their healthcare members.

Heath plans have been focusing very heavily over the past five years or so, even more so than in decades passed, on trying to understand, predict and manage the experiences of their healthcare members at the individual level. Obviously, with changes that have happened within the marketplace recently and acceleration of changes required as a result of the ACA, plans have a refocused energy on making sure that this is a priority for them. Most health plans have put in place some of the infrastructure that’s required in order to communicate with individuals, to understand their needs, and to serve them at the time when they’re interacting with them.

What’s lacking and where a lot of attention needs to be placed moving forward is in putting together these individual‑level experiences to create an actual, long‑term experience and a journey for an individual where they feel connected to what the health plan is providing them, and they feel that they are being provided with the service level that they expect from an organization that is charging them a lot of money for services that are important and very critical to their health.